Conditional admission is a form of admission that students will receive from universities if they are unable to fulfill required conditions at the application stage of the undergrad or grad programs of the universities. Students can still apply to these institutes if they do not yet have IELTS/TOEFL scores, but can complete these requirements by the admissions time frame. Conditional admissions is not widespread in every country. Please check our list of higher education institutes that offer conditional admissions and contact us for more information.

It is much easier to enroll in a language education program abroad than to enroll in a university, graduate or certification program. You will need to choose the school and register. In most schools there are programs from beginner to advance levels. However some countries require that in order to apply for a student visa for adult students you will need to be at least a high school graduate.
You should review the visa requirements of the country you would prefer to study.

The required qualifications and required documents for the student visa vary from country to country. Generally every country demands the student to have the financial means to meet their education and living expenses during his/her time in the country where he/she is admitted to. We recommend our students to make their visa procedures in accordance with recommendations of our advisors.
An average of 4 to 6 weeks prior your course start date in language schools and certificate programs is sufficient to complete your school registration and visa procedures. We recommend 8 weeks in advance, considering the high demand for visa applications and schools during the holiday periods, such as summer and Christmas holidays.